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Covid-19 guidance for programmes

Guidance and tools produced by SI for adapting activities to the Covid-19 context

You’ll find on this page the guidance and tools produced by the Covid-19 Programmes Task Force to support teams in the field in adapting their activities, and to develop Covid-19 preparedness and response programmes.

The Covid-19 Programmes Task Force, created within SI HQ to deal with the Coronavirus global crisis, gathers members of the Programmes team at HQ; its main objective is to share essential information/resources, appropriate technical recommandations, and to provide teams with frameworks and tools.

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Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Position note:
Infection prevention & control of Covid-19 in Solidarités International’s countries of intervention
La prévention et le contrôle du Covid-19 dans les pays d’intervention de Solidarités International

Crossed operational WASH recommendations for Covid-19 virus management
Recommandations opérationnelles croisées EAH pour la gestion du virus Covid-19

Impact of Covid-19, risk analysis and mitigation measures for the following activities:
Impact du Covid-19, analyse des risques et mesures de mitigation pour les activités suivantes :
Sanitation / Assainissement
Water Supply / Approvisionnement en eau
WASH distributions / Distributions EAH
Hygiene promotion / Promotion à l’hygiène
Solid waste management / Gestion des déchets solides
Infection Prevention & Control / Prevention & Contrôle des Infections

IPC measures to put in place on SI bases for water supply, hygiene and waste management
Mesures PCI à mettre en place sur les bases SI pour l’approvisionnement en eau, hygiène et gestion des déchets

Covid-19 HP & WaSH activities risk mitigation / Promotion à l’hygiène pour Covid-19 et mitigation des risques dans les activités EAH
List of essential items for Covid-19 response / Liste d’items essentiels à la réponse Covid-19
Tool for preparation of chlorine solutions / Outils pour la préparation de solutions chlorées (not just specific to Covid-19)
Tool for the monitoring of faecal sludge treatment with lime / Outil pour le suivi du traitement des boues de vidange à la chaux (not just specific to Covid-19)

Food security

Operational FSL recommendations for Covid-19 virus management
Recommandations opérationnelles SAME en contexte Covid-19

Recommendations for Food hygiene in the Covid-19 context
Recommandations pour l’hygiène alimentaire en contexte Covid-19

Cash and Voucher Assistance

Operational recommendations for cash and voucher assistance in the Covid-19 context
Recommandations opérationnelles pour les programmes de transferts monétaires en contexte Covid-19


Operational recommendations for community engagement in the Covid-19 context
Recommandations opérationnelles pour l’engagement communautaire en contexte Covid-19

Recommendations for the management of Feedbacks and Complaints Response Mechanisms in the context of Covid-19
Recommandations pour la gestion des mécanismes de gestion des plaintes et feedbacks (MGP) dans le contexte Covid-19

How to address rumours and stigma in the Covid-19 context
Comment faire face aux rumeurs et aux risques de stigmatisation dans le contexte Covid-19

IEC tools – flyers and posters

Available in PDF: English & Français

Available in PDF: English, français

Available in PDF: English, Français

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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  1. In the current Situation we want to work with you in health Activities regarding Corona i.e Covid 19.we also run a health care clinic in nothia Peshawar.we have health staff.our organization work on health in this critical time vigorously.therefore we will like to participate in any
    project/activity if you please give us an opportunity to do.we will work at our best according to your guide lines.Hope you will consider our request to work with you,and will be very grateful for your kindness.we will be waiting for your response regarding any work or activity given to us by your office.


  2. Merci pour ces éléments édifiants, structurés, et surtout explicatifs. Désireux de faire carrière dans le service humanitaire, ces informations sont pour moi un 1er acquis de connaissance du domaine. Une fois de plus, merci !


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